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VLUV - Seating Ball FELT


420,00 EUR

Delivery: 2 weeks
Delivery2 weeks
Dimensions65 cm / 75 cm
Weight (KG)2,5 kg / 3 kg

Vluv Felt is the first inflatable seating ball covered by coated with felt. It is made for upright, healthy seating. The Vluv Felt integrates into most design homes and work spaces.

Available in 2 sizes: 

VLUV 65 = 155cm (5’1”)–175cm (5’9”) body height 

VLUV 75 = 175cm (5’9”)–195cm (6’5”) body height 

Design patented bottom ring prevents rolling away

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Consists of packages

Package measurements: W * H * D (weight) 30 x 23 x 38 cm (3 kg)
Package measurements: W * H * D (weight) 30 x 22 x 45 cm (3 kg)

More info

VLUV is the latest development by Kristof Hock, owner of VLUV. VLUV is the world´s first brand that is all about covered seating balls. VLUVs bring healthy seating in style to your home or work space.

The idea came to Kristof´s mind when he visited a customer´s stylish design office and found an ugly pink PVC ball hidden in one corner. The idea to cover the ball with a warm and comfy material evolved. From that point VLUV was born.

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