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According to Law of Obligations Act section 218 the Seller is responsible for any non-compliance of the products with terms and conditions that occur during 2 years upon transferring it to the Buyer.
It is also assumed that any non-compliance that arises within 6 months of the product transfer was already present during the initial transaction, unless such presumption is inconsistent any defects that have been discovered.
If you discover a defect:
a) Please write to us at info[at] describing th exact problem discovered with your product
b) If possible, please include pictures of your product
c) Note your contact details so we can reach you for further details


According to Law of Obligations Act section 56 a consumer may withdraw from a distance contract within fourteen days. In the case of physical goods, the deadline starts from the day consumer has received the product.

Products which have been designed and produced with specific requirements of the consumer cannot be returned.
Once the consumer withdraws from distance contract, the seller must refund the cost of the product no later than 14 days from receiving the returned product. The consumer must return the product without delay no later than 14 days from submitting the refund notice to the seller.
To return your product it must be in original packaging and clearly unused. When removed from it's original packaging the item can only be examined like one would examine it in a physical store. The item must be clearly unused and repackaged so that it would not get damaged during its return trip.

To start the return process please send us an e-mail at info[at] with the following information:

- name of the product
- day you submitted the order
- day the product was received
- name of the buyer
- photos if possible
- contact details.

Payments will be refunded to the bank account that was used to make the purchase within 14 days after we receive the returned product.