Furgner offers a variety of high quality designer furniture from producers all over the world, including small handcraft studios and large-scale factories.



TemaHome is a Portuguese furniture producer established in 1981, that focuses on contemporary furniture and decorative accents, that combine modern lines and award winning designs. Furgner offers many TemaHome products from cabinets to tables.



Symbiosis is an excellent example of beautiful design and quality materials making furniture eye-catching. The combination of great functionality and french touch can make any piece of their furniture the centrepiece in any home. 



We at Furgner offer our own line of high quality Estonian-made couches and sofas. Though we stand out with especially reasonable prices. 


Norr11 knows what Scandinavian design means and how to combine classical solutions with modern lines to create something new that every home can be proud of. From tables to chairs to lightning.


Jaanus Orgusaar

Jaanus Orgusaar is a name that doesn’t need any introduction in Estonian design world. His spatial solutions and intriquing structures combined with natural materials make shelves and lamps that cannot be forgotten.



Radis is a versatile and ecological Estonian furniture producer, that has valued handcraft since they started. Discreet but memorable lines in designs make their cabinets, tables and shelves stand out.



Pulk is an Estonian furniture producer, that focuses on simple yet multifunctional modular furniture. Pulk’s beautiful shelves made from birch are available at Furgner.



Woodman is undeniably the biggest producer of highest quality designer furniture in Estonia. More than a decade of experience and know-how make some of the most beautiful cabinets, shelves, chairs and different accessories you’d ever want.



Askala’s roots go back as far as 19. century, but the company was re-opened in 2001. They focus on high quality solid wood furniture, making shelves and cabinets you can find at Furgner.



Wermo is a good example of modern Estonian designer furniture. Established last century, the company is working on more than 60 years of experience. Their quality cabinets, dressers and tables are available at Furgner.



Hoog is built on everything Scandinavian design is meant to be. You can find their hand built tables, shelves and accessories at Furgner.



Emko is one of the most intriguing interior goods’ manufacturer in the Baltics whose designer furniture is also available at Furgner. 

Hiis Design

Hiis Design is a small design studio in Tallinn, Estonia. All their products are handmade by experienced craftsmen focusing on designer furniture that would make any home proud.



Karup has skilfully combined two drastically different worlds – clean Scandinavian designs and blooming Japanese traditions, to create something completely new. Cabinets, tables, shelves, couches, chairs and beds that are guaranteed to stand out.



Rowico specialises in stylish, clever and durable designer furniture, which can surprise you with its affordability. Find the cabinet, shelf, table or chair you’re looking for at Furgner.



In their manufacturing and design process, Woood focuses on the durability, modernity and attractiveness of their chairs, couches and different accessories you can find at Furgner



Signal is a company that is recognised by its outstanding design and quality. Their unique couches, chairs, armchairs and stools can be found at Furgner.


Ra Sun

Ra Sun knows what uncompromising design and quality means. Their work can be summed up by four words – real Estonian designer furniture. Find Ra Sun’s chairs, armchairs and bar stools at Furgner.


Talken Design

Talken Design is a real Estonian design pearl. Their use of natural birch and simple lines make high quality products that are instantly recognisable.



Vluv has brought sitting balls into the design world for the first time. Beautiful designs and practicality make their products stand out.