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NÖRK RACK rope is incredibly strong, light weight and supple. It can support human weight at great heights which makes it perfect to hang even your heftiest clothes. The hooks that turn our technically advanced ropes into cleverly designed house accessories are the result of long research into mountaineering equipment, nautical tools and functionally designed homeware. Each hook is designed to hold in place as soon as any weight is laid on them, and yet to glide freely along the rope to adjust for height.

Hooks: 5 adjustable hooks

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MaterialNylon climbing rope and strong resin
Dimensions225 cm
Delivery1 week
Weight310 g

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Tamma is a small and innovative Nordic design studio that searches for the beauty and potential in everyday objects, from shoes, keys, glasses, and ropes to books, plates and lightbulbs. We play close attention to every detail of the creative process as of the crafting of every piece we make. We stand for creating fresh, beautiful, objects with stories. All our projects are born through an experimental design process that playfully mingles shapes, colours and textures until simplicity, style until a unique personality is achieved. TAMMA DESIGN holds a strong conviction for the importance of bringing fresh ideas and challenging new projects to small, medium producers to foster growth and artistic sustainability. We work exclusively with local artisans in Spain, Italy, and Estonia, tremendously skilled in handcrafting and colouring techniques, who put their heart into every piece they make. These workshops, who have often lost out opportunities to quick mass production and cheaper labour,  hold a treasured passion for detail and unique handcraft mastery that embodies the timeless values of quality and singularity.

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