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    Rocking chairs  

    There are 9 products.
    Tenzo - Emma Rock Chair

    Placed in front of the fireplace, in the reading corner or as a complement to the sofa, we think it's the perfect chair for chilling or calming down after a hectic day at work. Seat Fabric cover and fabric cushion. 100% Polyester. Seat width: 46 cmSeat depth: 48 cmSeat height: 45 cm

    225,00 EUR
    In Stock
    La Forma - Vania rocking chair

    Vaniia rocking chair in white fleece.  With our Vania rocking chair you’ve got a comfortable, ergonomic seating position. For even more comfort, the armrests are wide enough for you to sit with total freedom. Finish: White Seat height: 48 cm

    654,00 EUR
    In Stock
    La Forma - Kevya rocking chair

    * The product can be ordered in pairs, the price (177€) applies to one product. Rocking chair with quilted fabric seat. Epoxy painted metal feet. Skate in solid natural wood.Finish : Light greySeat height: 49 cm Armrest height: 66 cm

    200,00 EUR
    In Stock
    La Forma - Marlina rocking...

    Marlina white fleece rocking chair. For relaxing with a good book or putting your feet up after a long day. Finish: White Seat height: 43 cm 

    375,00 EUR
    In Stock
    La Forma - Vania rocking chair

    Rocking chair upholstered in fabric. Powder coated steel legs. Skate in painted oak veneer. Finish: Grey, Black

    656,00 EUR
    In Stock
    Childhome - Lounge rocking...

    Make your sleepless nights and feeding sessions more comfortable with this lovely rocking chair. The rocking lounge chair serves as a comfortable place for you to nurse your baby. A soft and comfortable nursery chair is one of the most important aspects of the nursery. This new rocking lounge chair does not only give you comfort, it also has a beautiful...

    499,00 EUR
    In Stock
    La Forma - Joey children’s...

    Joey children’s rocking chair in white fleece. When it comes to their imaginary world, your child is the king or queen. Let them get comfortable in their Joey rocking chair and find the perfect position for reading their first books. Finish: White Seat height: 33 cm 

    221,00 EUR
    In Stock
    Childhome - Rocking sofa chair

    Long sleepless nights and daily feeding sessions require comfort for mum and dad and what is a better option than a comfortable rocking chair? This trendy rocking chair provides extremely comfortable seating, the ideal place to feed your baby. This rocking lounge chair does not only offers comfort, it also looks beautiful with its stylish, sleek design. A...

    499,00 EUR
    In Stock
    La Forma - Tenzo rocking chair

    Rocking chair in solid natural rubber wood. Seat height: 43 cm Armrest height: 62 cm

    419,00 EUR
    In Stock